a sneak peek of what to expect tomorrow!

We're cranking out the backstage passes, printing out the program sheets, cleaning out the cobb webs from our Info Cart, the speakers and lights are going up...

It's another season for us starting tomorrow!

It doesn't feel 
like summer with this June gloom but these FREE concerts are back!!!


Here's a sample of what to expect tomorrow's kinda geeky and cool at the same time.

 Wondering where to park? This will have to be a prerecorded message since I can't tell you how many times we have to explain the parking situation here.

Parking is $7.50 after 5pm.

This is smokin' deal compare to the regular office hours prices that are set at  $38 bucks for 2 hours or more! 

Parking garage access address is 350 S. Olive, LA 90013

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And we're back!

Yes, the summer is back!
Free concerts are back!


Music of Battlestar Galactica

Bear McCreary

Begin your summer musical journey with composer Bear McCreary's live performance of the critically acclaimed original score for the award-winning drama series "Battlestar Galactica." He and his team of world class musicians lead the jump from the small screen to the concert stage via a thunderous blend of percussive, orchestral, rock and world music influences. McCreary's iconic score, "the most innovative music on TV today"(Variety), will thrill fans of all musical genres in this one-of-a-kind event.


when: June 13, 7pm
where: 350 S. Grand Ave, LA 90071 (DowntownLA)

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Grand Performances in a nutshell


here's small preview of what we did last year!


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