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Looking for summer interns

We're looking for two interns to join our Communications and Programming teams. Here's a glimpse at summer intern life from last year's interns:

Sounds fun, huh? Keep reading to learn more and apply.

The Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program provides 10-week paid summer internships (40 hours/week) for undergraduate students. Eligible students must be undergraduates, and either reside in Los Angeles County or attend school in Los Angeles county (click here for more details).

Students are paid $400/week to work in nonprofit literary, performing and presenting arts organizations and municipal arts agencies throughout Los Angeles County. Interns also participate in additional educational components provided by the Arts Commission.

PR/Marketing Intern*

The PR/Marketing Intern will focus on PUBLIC RELATIONS, MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS as part of the marketing efforts associated with the 2015 summer season of Grand Performances. The goal of the ten-week project is for the intern to learn about the basic principles of marketing, branding, public relations, and customer engagement. The intern will conduct research on our artists and their fan bases and use this information to both promote the show to existing audiences, and to help identify and cultivate new audiences and community groups interested in our programming. The project will provide an opportunity for the intern to gather information on a weekly basis for our performing artists, and create original content for the purposes of general and targeted dispatches to press and community groups.

Skills required

- Must be creative, proactive, highly organized, computer literate, outgoing, and able to think on your feet - Must possess strong written, verbal, and interpersonal skills - Must be excited to engage with artists and the public onsite, both with utmost professionalism - Must be interested in the performing arts!

How to apply

To apply, please send resume and brief cover letter to marketing@grandperformances.org, subject line: Marketing & PR Intern.


Artist Relations Intern*

The Artist Relations Intern will focus on ARTIST RELATIONS and PROGRAMMING initiatives associated with the 2015 summer season of Grand Performances. The goal of the ten-week project is for the intern to learn about the basic principles associated with artist relations, event management and community engagement. The intern will learn how to coordinate off-site programming activities and provide event support for artist and audience members. The intern will interact with artists, management and booking agencies through a variety of media and communications including written letters, social media and web-based engagement, and onsite special event work.

Skills required

- Attention to detail and accuracy in cash-handling and merchandise-related areas, - Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, are essential - Knowledge of Word, Excel, Photoshop, InDesign, iMovie and Garage Band programs preferred - Outgoing

How to apply

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to Leigh Ann Han at lahahn@grandperformances.org. Subject line: Artist Relations Intern.



xo, Joel 

We asked our PR and Marketing Intern, Joel to reflect back on his summer with us, and this is what he had to say.

Words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to work with Grand Performances this summer. As a recent graduate with a degree in public relations (PR), I was very nervous to jump into the job market and begin my professional journey and development. I wasn’t completely sure of what to expect when I started with Grand Performances. Previously, I had experience pitching and writing on behalf of consumer, corporate and entertainment clients. However, PR for a non-profit organization that aims to provide world music and artists to a diverse audience of Angelenos is something that I had never attempted. It was a challenge that I eagerly accepted and I flourished doing. I had the opportunity to gain substantial press coverage in the Los Angeles Times and work with reporters from NPR, KCRW, Billboard Magazine and many others. This was a rare opportunity that is definitely unique (and I really despise the use of that word) to Los Angeles.

With the help of the amazing staff, I quickly learned the logic behind the programming for the entire season, which helped me prepare and gain publicity for each show through out the summer. More importantly it taught me the most valuable lesson of the summer: No matter how much someone thinks they know about music and art, they will never know everything. There will always be room to discover, flourish and grow in the arts.

It’s important to give back. Most people don’t think that it takes money to make art, but it does and artists deserve to be paid to create the beauty that they exude into the world. Often artists are solicited to do free events and donate their time to charities. However, they have bills just like the rest of us.  Grand Performances pays their artists well and then presents them to Angelenos for free, relying on sponsors and Red Bucket donations. My summer with Grand Performances was made possible with the support of Supervisor Gloria Molina and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Internship program.

I met many people during my time here, but it was not just the professional contacts that moved me to appreciate this internship. It was the woman who collected perfectly good desserts people left behind after a fundraising event to give to the homeless on her bus ride home to Compton; the woman who came and danced alone on her birthday who lives nearby; and the man who told me what he thought about each artist after every show he attended. Grand Performances creates not just a place to showcase music, but a place that creates compassion and community. It’s downright spellbinding

I am leaving this internship with a much greater respect and appreciation of art that the average person could not understand without first experiencing it the way that I have this summer. From visual to performing, I have had the opportunity to further explore and gain perspective behind the programming, hard work and dedication of the teams across L.A. who curate and host productions and galleries that infuse the city with vibrancy and life.  It is an honor to now know the wonderful people who work tirelessly to provide one-of-a-kind experiences at Grand Performances. Everyday I am blown away by their generosity and dedication to providing the community with FREE live music that caters to a diverse community. Every show was a different world and every evening I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people who attended these events. 

I will truly treasure the time I’ve spent here this summer, come back for next seasons diverse and eclectic program and I will definitely donate.

*This internship was funded in part by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


4 burning questions with our 2013 interns

We're still having intern withdrawls. Every year our interns help us get through the our 10 week summer concert series and without them we'd be beat. They definitely worked hard, but they managed to have some fun too ;) Keep reading to find out about their experience at Grand Performances (We took creative liberties and added in the fun photos.)  

They even made this Red Bucket animated photo to leave as their legacy. Bucks in the bucket, yeah!

4 burning questions with Josh
Artist Relations Intern

1. Favorite concert?
I truly enjoyed Green Galactic's 20th Anniversary Celebration at the beginning of our season.  John Tejada, Plaid, and Pole each had unique sets that were beautifully complemented by our production team's awesome lighting rig around the Marina Amphitheater.   

2. What did you learn at GP that you'll take with you to your next job?
My summer has taught me to be flexible in regard to artist/event coordination and to anticipate the needs of the people I work with.  I know that the multitasking and ability to prioritize will help me wherever I go in life.  

3. What is one thing you'll miss about GP?
I will miss having sock puppets as an integral part of my work environment.

Sock puppet mania at work 

4. Has this internship given you more clarity on what you're looking to do next?
Grand Performances has helped to deepen my appreciation for free, accessible performing arts to the public. While I'm uncertain of one particular life-long career path at the moment, I know that I will always advocate, support, and be involved in performing arts.  

4 burning questions with Jamie
Development Intern

Working hard for the money

1. Favorite concert?

2. What did you learn at GP that you'll take to you next job?
Time Management and Communication. One thing GP taught me is that behind every amazing event is an effective team that communicates well with one another and works in a timely fashion. 

3. What is one thing you'll miss about GP?
I honestly adore everyone who works at GP and on the plaza and comes to GP events. Everyone has been so nice and I have met so many funny people. I am going to miss everyone so much.

4. Has this internship given you more clarity on what you're looking to do next?  
This internship definitely helped me solidify my plans of what I want to do in the future. My past jobs and school activities revolved around bringing ticketless, quality programming to students. Grand Performances allowed me to see that mission worked on a bigger scale, the Los Angeles community. Seeing the positive impact these performances left on so many has definitely compelled me to keep working in organizations and companies that really focus on benefiting the entire community. 

4 burning questions with Annie
Marketing Intern

1. Favorite concert?
Miwa Matreyek/Brujerias de Papel was unlike our usual music concerts but it was very intriguing and whimsical. Both Miwa’s installations and Brujerias’ marionettes came to life right before my eyes.

2. What did you learn at GP that you'll take to you next job?
Being in the marketing team, I learned to not be afraid of testing out new ideas and projects – you never know what surprisingly works well or doesn’t. And if an idea didn’t work out as planned, don’t be discouraged but think of more creative (with some practicality) ways to outreach! 

3. What is one thing you'll miss about GP?
Most definitely the Grand Performances’ staff and crew. Everyone was tremendously caring, funny, and full of personality. And wearing airplane hats and crowns at work. 

This is what she means by airplane hats. PS. We're looking for sponsorship, Alaska Airlines, call us!

4. Has this internship given you more clarity on what you're looking to do next?  
My internship this summer has given me a great exposure of what marketing in the non-profit arts world looks like. Not only have do I have a better idea of how a non-profit organization functions but also how different organizations cater to its specific goals, audiences, and beliefs. I’m super thankful for the mentoring I received at Grand Performances – and will definitely take all that I learned to my next job.