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The Rewind: Quartetto Fantastico and Chez Quartette

Two GP favorites, Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Double G combined forces last Friday to create a night of musical perfection and artistic genius. Here are the two quartettes. First Quartetto Fantastico (Chris Woods--Violin I, Paul Cartwright--Violin II, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson--Viola, Peter Jacobson--Violoncello) and then Chez Quartette (Daphne Chen--Violin I, Ina Veli--Violin II, Alma Fernandez--Viola, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith--Violoncel​lo). Oh, and Albert got in there, too.

Quartetto Fantastico and Chez Quartette-4.jpg

Quartetto Fantastico and Chez Quartette-3.jpg

Chez Quartette started the night with three pieces composed by Double G. Double G (whom GP regulars know from his conduction of daKAH hip-hop orchestra) alternated between conducting the four string players and letting them shine on their own as he took position to the side of the Marina Pavillion.

Quartetto Fantastico and Chez Quartette-23.jpg

Then, the all male Quartetto Fantastico showed off their musical connection by performing a stunning improvisation. Half way through they were joined by Dayita Datta (vocals) and Samar Tas (tabla).

Quartetto Fantastico and Chez Quartette-17.jpg

After a cover of The Beatles' "I Want You" that really got the audience going, the two quartets joined forces to become the Octetto Magnifico conducted by Double G.

Quartetto Fantastico and Chez Quartette-20.jpg

Magnifico, fantastico, whatever you want to call it, the night was one that will go down in history.



The Rewind: Celebrating the Community Band: An Evening of Arkestry

With over 50 musicians and artists (many GP vetarns) on the contracts for Saturday night's performance, our stage was packed. First up was Build an Ark orchestra headed by the much loved Miguel Atwood Ferguson and KPFK's Carlos Niño. Among all the other great artists working together, also on stage was daKAH's Double G working the saxaphone.

Albert was doing some hanging out with the artists before the performance telling them all about daKAH's shows from GP past--even though we told him most of them were there. 

As Build and Ark started, artist Kofie also started on something. Stage right Kofie had his own setup with canvas, paint and spray bottle. Here's what it looked like in the beginning. We'll come back to him at the end of the post.

The great Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra took the stage for the second act. Like Build an Ark, the P.A.P.A also had some familiar faces included Kamau Daaood and Dwight Trible. 

Also on site in the upper plaza was Hit + Run who was doing live screen printing. It was up to you to pick the design(s) and placement!

Back to Kofie and his painting. Here's the piece nearly finished.

All in all the evening could not have gotten better with such musical masterminds in our presence.

See the whole set on our Facebook page here.  


Holiday Concerts posted!

The Holiday Concert lineup:

Dec 9: Barry Fisher and the Ellis Island Band

It'll be a musical collision of cultures! How many cultures can we compile into a power hour of music? The Ellis Island Band fuses Romani "Gypsy", Kurdish, Armernian, Mexican, Jewish, Assyrian and other music in a cornucopia of styles celebrating the various holidays in these cultures.

Dec 14: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson's Quartetto Fantastico 

This innovative and young violinist is back. We're still reeling from his amazing performance from this past season that featured a star-studded roster of LA musicians. For this holiday season, we've tapped Miguel and his posse again to grace us with his holiday re-imagined renditions of his holiday favorites along with original compositions. Come hear this exuberant young group, and experience its fresh and unique approach to traditional holiday music as well as other fun material.

Dec 16: Marcus L. Miller and his Freedom Jazz Movement

What is Kwanzaa? Spirited drummer, composer and educator, Marcus L. Miller and his Freedom Jazz Movement band will use music and voice to explain the meaning of Kwanzaa - a unique African American celebration that focuses on the traditional African values of family, community responsibility, commerce, and self-improvement. The Nguzo Saba (seven guiding principles) of Kwanzaa is explored in musical form with a fusion of blues, jazz, R&B, pop and pan-African rhythms.


Free admission.
All concerts are at noon on our Holiday stage.

Bundle up.
Bring your lunch.
Join us for a moment of holiday cheer!

Need directions?


Miguel Atwood-Ferguson feat. Flying Lotus, Bilal & Chris Dave

Miguel Atwood Ferguson and company

by rj sakai

What a night. The night's atmosphere was unlike any other we've had this summer. It was full of an energy. Not necessarily that dance-inciting, Caravan-Palace energy, but just good ol', wholesome good vibes. We suspect it came from the confluence of good musicians, good music and good people. It might be best left to a video to describe:
Los Angeles, the people numbers you produced for Friday's show well exceeded our expectations. We want everyone to have a good experience here, promise! If we had known the event was blowing up to the scale it had we would have put it on the main stage for everyone to experience. 
See the program here.