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A weekend of dance

It's our last weekend of shows and we're going out dancing.

Friday, September 12 @ 8:00pm // India Jazz Suites: Fastest Feet in Rhythm

Kathak and tap dance meet and battle on the dance floor.

Saturday, September 13 @ 8:00pm // Rosanna Gamson, WIFE, Sheetal Gandhi

Modern dance from three of L.A.'s leading lady choreographers. 


pic of the day #4: modern beijing dance co

During our 20th season (YES, we've been here all this time in the same place giving you free concerts), we brought over a fresh, innovative, newly- established, international dance company called the Beijing LDTX Modern Dance Company ,the LDTX standing for Lei Dong tian Xia which translates to Rumbles Under Heaven. The company prides itself on fostering young dancers and choreographers and set itself all the more apart by being "...China's first professional dance company founded independently from government."

Not too shabby, huh? 

Beijing LDTX Modern Dance Company by Guilherme Rafols