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Valentines, Grand Performances style

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Courting in the Watercourt 

Four friends, two hours of music and one spectacular summer afternoon concert was the magical equation for Kristeen Singh and Adnan Hussain, a pair of music lovers whose chance encounter at Grand Performances led to the blossoming of a blissful romance. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the now wedded couple graciously volunteered to share their story, replete with gorgeous pictures documenting their journey from its beginnings on the California Plaza.

Photo credit: Brett Hickman

On a warm summer afternoon in 2007, Kristeen’s friend Manuri asked her to accompany her to one of the summer concerts held at Grand Performances. Adamant music lover Kristeen readily obliged, selecting an afternoon concert by Indian performer Kiran Ahluwalia.

Meanwhile, GP devotee Adnan Hussain was already a frequent visitor to the plaza, as he considered the summer series a unique chance to hear diverse music from around the world. For Adnan, Grand Performances continually represents a melting pot of diversity on stage as well as in the audience. He dubbed the concerts a gift to the city of Los Angeles due to their welcoming nature, as they unite people from all walks of life as they enjoy the universal language of music. Sketchbook in hand, watercolors and brushes spilling out of his pockets, he came to Grand Performances often for musical and artistic inspiration.

He often invited his friend Jayson Joseph, of the band Elephants with Guns, as the latter was always happy to check out music at a moment’s notice. Together, they often explored all over town to seek out new sounds, and that fated Sunday was no exception; the two pals decided to head to Grand Performances to see Kiran Ahluwalia on the Water Court stage.

Burnt out from a brutal stint at work, Adnan and Jayson relaxed and picked a spot right in front of the stage. Adnan soon found himself lost in the music and capturing the moment in his paintings, fully enjoying the beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon and its rare treat of a concert.

Across the plaza, Kristeen and Manuri recognized Jayson and came over to say hello during intermission. Kristeen also happened to remember Adnan from her job registering South Asians to be bone marrow donors; from amongst the thousands of donors whose spit swabs she’d filed, she remembered Adnan. Alas, it seemed he hadn’t left quite the right impression this time, as the girls left the boys after intermission to enjoy the rest of the concert from a distance.

But when the show ended, the girls returned to chat with the boys and admire Adnan’s sketches. Adnan smoothly suggested they all get some food, and the girls, more acquainted with Jayson at this point, acquiesced. (In fact, Adnan would later learn that he had uttered the magic words for Kristeen when he said, “Let’s eat”!)

What followed were a few exchanged business cards and emails, which in turn fostered a friendship based on mutual love for volunteering and general philanthropy. As time passed, the relationship grew to include painting, eating, many more Grand Performances concerts —and finally, last year, a joining through marriage of Indian and Pakistani Punjab.

Today Kristeen continues her love of volunteering and Punjabi music by supporting a livelihood program in Chandigarh, Punjab, India through her company rHope. Adnan continues his passion for art, music and culture by presenting all three in his animation, paintings and storytelling through his company Mad Guru.

Thanks to their friend, fellow lover of music, brilliant artist and Grand Performances volunteer extraordinaire Jorge “Tyme” Martinez, Kristeen and Adnan were able to share their story with us.

Kiran Ahluwalia by Adnan Hussein